Publication: „Teach the Teachers – E-Learning in Further Education for Lecturers in Higher Education“

I am very proud of the latest peer reviewed and open access article that I have published together with Ricarda T.D. Reimer and Stefan van der Vlies in the Bulletin of the IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology. It is the result of some studies and projects concerning teacher education we conducted in the last two years at the Department for Digital Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (FHNW).

The article focuses on how lecturers in higher education use e-learning – not only in a teaching role, but furthermore as learners in further education. An insight into two empirical studies concerning the use of media in e-learning contexts in general and social media and tablet use in particular built the basis. Requirements for e-learning tools as well as demands on the teaching and learning settings will be illustrated. Moreover, four groups of demand for further education among of our university lecturers will be reconstructed. Based on the empirical results innovative e-learning settings for further education have been designed. (Some information in German is available here.)

The article can be found here:
Eva-Christina Edinger, Ricarda T.D. Reimer & Stefan van der Vlies (2013): Teach the Teachers – E-Learning in Further Education for Lecturers in Higher Education, In: IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology (TCLT) Bulletin, Vol. 15, No. 4, October 2013, S. 2-5.

I hope that this article supports other departments like ours to provide information, counselling and trainings to make academic teaching not only better but also more fun!

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